Have you been thinking lately of buying used cars that could fit you budget? Well cheap cars do sound like a good alternative when you need a vehicle that could solve your basic purpose and fits your budget, but there are some conditions that you may need to understand before going for a cheap car.

Don’t forget the most important question that one need to ask them and that is, why do you need a cheap car?

Once you are clear with this fact, move on to the next step. Identifying the cheap car that you want to buy. If you have had no specific model in your mind then try to find the model that fits your budget.

You can get these information from your local mechanic or from your local newspaper which has classified sections for used cars. Also there will be private dealers who may put up a classified. Ask around for information. This is also an effective method to get the information.

Once you have selected the number of models that fits your budget, then its time to test them. Don’t be ashamed to tell the dealer about the price range that you are interested in and also test each and every model that the used car dealers might have in that price range.

Now the other most important thing you need to ask the mechanic is the cars mileage. Buying a cheap car for the moment might sound as the only option but once you consider the ever-rising price of oil, you may just need a car that could save your valuable dollars on that front.

Check the car thoroughly. If you have a good knowledge about cars and it’s functioning, then nothing like it. If not, then take along a friend or a family member who have a good mechanical background. Don’t forget to listen to the engine noise when the car is started. A weak engine means your car might need instant repairs and that may not be a viable option. Check for any cranky sounds that the car might produce while it’s taken for a test drive. Take the car for a spin in congested traffic and on smoother roads to check its speed and braking capability. Also drive through various road surfaces.

Once you have set your sights and fixed on the car that you need to buy, then find out if the car parts are easily available incase it needs a repair. Also find out if they are cheap.

Once its ready ask the dealer if there are any other information the dealer might like to share with. If the dealer vouches for something then ask for it in writing. In case of a private dealer, get the car checked from a known mechanic for any issue.

Last but not the least ask people you know or others about the car model. It’s always good to have information from people who have driven the model. They will you a first hand insight about the car and it’s functioning.

Basic ideas which could turn beneficial for a person looking to buy cheap used cars can use.