If you are looking for something really funny,play online friv games and satisfaction is guaranteed.For all ages,from 7 to 50 years people,this kind of games online are a good way for having fun in a rainy day.Does no matter what is your favorite game,because you can find everything in thousands of website.Is enough to search friv games and choose what you want:ation,racing and car games,arcade or flash,puzzle or games for girls.

Want to read more about these?Let's start with Air Fox,a nice action friv game.It is year 2215, the earth is flooded due to the melting polar ice. You are an Air-fox pilot on a mission to protect the floating cities from the enemies. You will encounter friendly supply ships that are impervious to your weapons. Take advantage of the weapons and extra ships provided but remember enemies are everywhere so you must destroy everything.

One of the funny friv games is called Ball.The evil imps have stolen the Christmas gifts and you must help Santa to get back all of them.The imps are hiding in some of the gift boxes. You must break the boxes with your magic snow ball to find them.You'll gain points for every box you manage to break.Collect the special power-ups and ball upgrades that will help you cause more destruction. Have fun!

Or maybe you like puzzle games online.Braid is one of this kind of games.drawn in a painterly style,where the player manipulates the flow of time in strange and unusual ways.Braid treats your time and attention as precious; there is no filler in this game.

Sharck is another online friv game that will cheer you up.Your mountain is under attack, so you must defend it. Jump out of the water and hit the humans on the surface. Don’t let them reach the explosives at the bottom.The number of enemies will increase, so it is important to jump at a proper angle and take out as much of them in one jump as you can.

These are just few of friv games available online.All you need for having fun is internet connection,free time and one click!Enjoy!