Most of our conception of malnutrition (SDD) is the lack of balance, nlack of affect and physical problems. But in fact, SDD also lead to ndangerous consequences,tao mat troi diseases related to health, especially in older adults.

Humann International Elderly Day 1/10, PV Health & Life has an interview n with Maria Isabel TS.BS, Federal University of Minas medical Brazil's nher mission to Vietnam at the invitation of the palace support to help nus better understand these issues.

- Reporter: He says, malnutrition can affect how older people's health?

TS.BS.n Maria Isabel: SDD is the nutritional imbalance, can shorted or excess n of one or more essential nutrients. The study shows that malnutrition nreduces the activity of a series of body parts: giamsuc strong muscles, n cardiovascular function, endocrine system, lungs, pancreas, cognitive nfunction ...

Thus, older people, aging body has been under the rule of natural law SDD makes this place faster.

Besides,n SDD also cause prolonged healing process, increased infections, reducen the effects of drug therapy leads to increased ength of hospital stay,n treatment costs and the possibility of death with the disease. And nthere is a vicious cycle leading to undernutritiongia tao mat troi tu nhien and malnutrition disease worsening condition.

- PV: Dr, how to help older people avoid malnutrition?

TS.BS.n Maria Isabel: To prevent malnutrition, the first thing, the elderly nneed to be assessed for nutritional status fully. Thereby the doctor to n get advice on proper nutrition, balanced and full complement of nessential nutrients for the body. In addition to the daily diet, older nadults should be supplemented oral nutrition. The nutritional supplementn orally to help elderly nutrients more easily, making the full ncomplement of essential nutrients for the body.

- Q: So, the elderly should be noted that additional nutrients to ensure healthy?

TS.BS.n Maria Isabel: For older adults, along with a balanced diet and nsufficient to avoid malnutrition will need special attention to good nnutrition for cardiovascular, digestive system, bones and joints, nintellectual. Cardio: enhancing foods containing vitamin E, C, A, B6, nB12, folic acid, omega-3 (MUFA / PUFA) to protect the blood vessels at nrisk for plaque formation. Increase foods containing many trace elementsn such as zinc, potassium in bananasspirulina chrom 100 rein algae oranges.

Digestiven system: the body should be provided with a sufficient amount of nstarch, however, should avoid sugar and sweet candy. Increase fiber to nhelp support a healthy digestive system.

Osteoarthritis: provide nutrients for the body to increase calcium absorptionn and bone mineralization as BeneoTM Synergy 1 (a combination of two nsoluble fiber inulin and FOS). Wisdom: two nutrients is especially nimportant with the wisdom of elders is choline and oleic acid. Choline nis the main nutrient for memory. Oleic acid reduces dementia, memory nboost increase.

In addition to health care older people are nbetter, improving overall nutritional status, improve health, especiallyn for those cases should be fast recovery and post-surgery patients, nthere can add milk, such as Ensure Gold, dedicated to older people, bothn rich in choline and oleic acid helps clear intellect, omega-3 and 6 nare good for the heart
When high blood pressure (BP), in addition nto drugs, the selection and maintenance of a prudent diet and proper nmeaning of particular importance. However, besides thetang can voi tao mat troi tu nhien issue of compliance with general principles such as bland, limited nanimal fat, dietary stimulants ... many patients proved embarrassing nwhen you choose to use the daily food and drink to be a diet is nbeneficial to health.

Celery: use of diodes as more fresh, nthoroughly cleaned, and then pound water pressure (if there is, the nbetter presses). Manufacturing added a little honey, drink 3 times a nday, 40ml each. Modern research shows that celery juice is effective nvasodilator, diuretic and BP lowering.

Chrysanthemum: a common nvegetables, especially aromatic, rich in amino acids and essential oils,n light bars have the effect of lowering BP and mind. You should be usedn as a daily vegetable juice drink or squeezed, about 50ml per day, in 2n divided doses morning, afternoon. In particular,chrysanthemum suitable for people with high BP is accompanied by severe pain and head.

Watern spinach: calcium, is very beneficial for maintaining the osmotic npressure of the circuit and BP in the normal range, herbs are especiallyn suitable for people with high BP are accompanied by headaches.

Tomatoes:n will be used to clear heat detoxification, and lower wages can mean HAn blood. It is foods rich in vitamin C and P, if eaten regularly every nday 1-2 tomatoes will be able to live high BP prevention very good, nespeciallytao beauty spirulina nhat ban when bleeding complications of the eye.