Eyesore Revisited
Bamboo Restaurant
1020 Trowbridge Road

This property, which once was the popular Pretzel Bell restaurant, was originally featured as an Eyesore in 2012. At that time, the building pictured above was still a restaurant, assumed to be the “victim of low visibility.” Indeed, the building was set way back from Trowbridge traffic. If passersby were able to spot the building beyond a line of decorative trees, the arrival path was unclear.

In contrast, the adjacent Wendy’s restaurant, which has long benefited from the name recognition provided by a national restaurant chain, also enjoys a nearby curb that provides immediate and obvious access to its parking lot.

The building has been demolished and replaced by additional parking spaces (below) that serve the adjacent enterprises. As part of the parking expansion, the screening street trees were exchanged for a line of low shrubs.

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