Oct. 21 2015 08:53 AM

Art + Bike Fix-it Stations unveiled in south Lansing

Ty Forquer/City Pulse

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 21 — Two of Lansing’s newest public art pieces do more than brighten up the area. They can also help you fix your bike.

Ty Forquer/City Pulse

The two works, which were officially unveiled last week, are “Art + Bike Fix-it Stations.” The goal of the project is to combine the aesthetic appeal of sculpture with the utility of public bike-fixing stations.

“This is a real mash-up of functionality and art,” said John Kinch, executive director of Michigan Energy Options.

The two pieces combine a bike repair station with a stainless steel sculpture created by local artist Jim Cunningham. The bike repair station includes an air pump and an assortment of tools — all permanently attached to the station with steel cable. The station also features a mount to suspend the bike for repair, and a solar-powered, motion-activated light illuminates the repair station at night. A QR code on the station takes smartphone users to a website where they can learn about bike repair.

The two stations, located at Ingham County Health Department facilities at 5303 S. Cedar St. and 2316 S. Cedar St. in Lansing, were funded by the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Michigan Economic Development Corp. and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP, said that the placement of the two stations is no accident.

“We want to do as much as we can in south Lansing,” he said.

He also noted that both stations are near public transit lines, sidewalks, public trails and high-traffic streets, giving commuters more transportation options. The two new pieces are part of LEAP’s ongoing effort to fund creative projects throughout the Greater Lansing area.

“Putting art around the city is critical to helping businesses attract international talent,” Trezise said.