Nov. 11 2015 12:32 AM

British architect CFA Voysey admonished, “Never look at an ugly thing twice. It is fatally easy to get accustomed to corrupting influences.” The metropolitan Lansing area enjoys an outstanding stock of formal and vernacular architecture. While Eyesores remain plentiful, the regular pursuit of dilapidated, unkempt buildings requires a search for things that most people would rather not look at.

To that end, the City Pulse is introducing a new feature this week — to rotate with Eyesore and Eye Candy — that will further highlight the region’s great architecture. This will focus on noteworthy details found on local buildings and structures. Some buildings will be obscure or unknown. Some do not rise to the level of Eye Candy, but have particular details that merit individual attention. Some of the buildings are indeed beautiful, thereby letting their smaller details to go unnoticed.

Individual details will be highlighted in one issue, following up several weeks later with information about of the building, plus a new detail for readers to identify. Eyesores will continue as a regular feature. Suggestions for future Eyesore subjects are welcomed, since they periodically have served as agents for improvement. After all, no one should look at an ugly thing twice, much less have to live near it.

The relief pictured here is our first Eye for Design. We invite you to let us know its building. Hint: It is on MSU’s campus. The first person to identify it correctly will receive a City Pulse Eye for Design mug. Send your answer to by Nov. 25.