Couples must make many decisions when planning their weddings, including choosing transportation for guests to and from wedding ceremonies. Whereas couples once left guests’ transportation up to their guests, nowadays it is customary to provide rides for guests so they can easily get to and from their hotel and the ceremony and reception safe and sound. Many factors must be considered when choosing transportation for wedding guests, and the following are a handful of tips to make the decision a little easier.

• Speak with your hotel before booking transportation. While professional shuttle services are an option, couples whose guests will be staying in a specific hotel or hotels should speak with management of their hotels to determine if the hotels offer shuttle services for guests. Many hotels provide airport shuttle service to guests, and couples might be able to use such services to get their guests to and from their weddings and receptions. Hotels may charge a fee to use their shuttles, but they may offer discounts to couples whose guests book an agreed upon number of rooms. An added benefit to using the hotel shuttle services is that bus drivers won’t get lost looking for the hotel.

• Find an option that won’t bust your budget. Wedding budgets tend to be big, and couples planning their weddings soon realize that budgets can quickly be busted. When choosing transportation for your guests, do not feel pressured to book especially lavish buses. So long as the buses are safe and on time, guests won’t mind if they ride in a school bus or a fancy bus worthy of a touring rock band. If you are concerned about the appearance of a bus, ask if you can decorate the bus before the wedding to make it more inviting.

• Comparison shop. Many companies cater to couples looking for transportation for their wedding guests, and couples should explore all of their options before committing to a particular company. Receive formal estimates from several companies before making your final decision, and speak to companies about matching offers. When comparing companies, try to consider both cost and quality. While the lowest estimate might be the most budget-friendly, you should choose the company that you feel is most trustworthy and capable of fulfilling your contract.

• Read the contract. Transportation contracts should be gone over with a finetooth comb before couples sign on the dotted line. Check for hidden fees, such as mileage or overage charges if the reception runs a little late, and ask how much flexibility you might have with regard to those fees. Make sure any agreements you reach with regard to fees are written into the contract before you sign it.

Transportation for guests is one of many things couples must consider when planning their weddings. Make sure the option you choose is both guest- and budgetfriendly.