Jan. 27 2016 11:03 AM

Green Crush offers quality products, great customer service

Green Crush operates out of a remodeled gas station, featuring brand new floors and freshly painted walls.
Steve Green/City Pulse

Located on the corner of Jolly Road and Pennsylvania Avenue, Green Crush has set up shop in a former gas station. This is just one example of the economic impact that the medical marijuana industry has had on many communities. A building that had long been abandoned now has new walls and floors, fresh paint and outside lighting —not to mention the jobs created by the business itself. There are abandoned gas stations all over town that are nothing more than eyesores. Hopefully more small businesses will follow Green Crush’s example.

We pulled in and had no trouble parking. The shop has a large lot that is accessible from either street. I walked through the front door into the small ‘mantrap’ entry area. I provided my ID and medical marijuana card to an attendant behind a thick glass window. It reminded me of the security setup many gas stations have. The attendant buzzed me through a second door, and I walked into a large, clean waiting area. There was seating for over 15 people. It was my first visit to this dispensary, and there was some paperwork to fill out to get into the shop’s system.

After my paperwork was complete, it was only a few seconds before I was buzzed into the green room. The back room felt welcoming, and the customer service was great. I browsed the selection of paraphernalia and accessories, which reminded me that I needed rolling papers. I like when shops carry smoking supplies and other accessories. Dispensaries like this provide one-stop-shopping for all of my medical marijuana needs.

Another thing that grabbed my attention was the large variety of cannabis-infused drinks. Smoking and eating/drinking cannabis affect the body differently, and some patients benefit more from drinks, edibles and capsules. I appreciate when a shop offers these options to patients. Green Crush carries over a dozen types of edibles and a few different types and flavors of extracts.

The shop carries almost 30 different strains of flower at three price points. Top shelf strains are $15 per gram, midshelf strains are $12 per gram and lower shelf strains are $10 per gram. The budtender asked what I was looking for, and I told him I was looking for something to help me relax. He took a few strains out of the case for me to inspect. I asked to smell nearly a dozen other jars, but I ended up choosing one of his recommendations, Banana OG ($15).

The Banana OG looked so nice, I almost didn’t wait to twist up the gram. The smell was also great, and the effect was even better than I imagined it would be. I was totally relaxed, and I felt my pain melt away and my eyelids became heavy.

I also picked up a gram of the strain Alaskan Ice off the $10 shelf. It had an almost frosted look to it and a sweet and spicy smell, so I was excited about trying it. This strain provided a clarifying buzz that helped my focus.

Lastly, I tried out a mid-tier strain called Blue Cookies ($12). It is a cross between two of my favorite varieties: Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. The smell was fruity and sweet, and it burned with clean, white ash. I felt my body relax and it helped ease my muscle spasms.

Steve Green, who writes this column every two weeks, uses marijuana to prevent seizures. He has no business ties to any dispensaries or products.

Green Crush

10 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday- Saturday, noon-8 p.m. Sunday 5025 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing (517) 708-0288, facebook. com/greencrushlansing