Feb. 17 2016 11:32 AM

Snow-free yards and fields

Property: Snow-free yards and fields

This subject will draw numerous detractors, as it pertains more to regionalism rather than so-called bad architecture. And very few people eagerly anticipate the prospect of clearing sidewalks with a snow thrower, much less shoveling out several inches after a heavy fall. Yet, once the streets, walks and driveways have been cleared, there is a satisfying sense of accomplishment of having handled the seasonal precipitation.

What’s more, when the conditions are right and the snow packs well, the first snowmen that spring up (or, if you live closer to campus, slightly more prurient forms) will invariably bring a smile. When the snow is particularly abundant, a really good snow castle (complete with authentic crenellations) can last through the season and well into the spring.

Setting aside the prospect of global warming and its hazardous implications, this year’s lack of snow means reducing skiing and sledding opportunities. The individuals pictured above offer frequent reminders that several school-free snow days will probably remain unclaimed. While we Michiganders can appreciate the benefits of milder temperatures, we can also agree that there is something special about snow covered fields and crisp winter mornings. The bitter cold of this season makes the return of spring that much sweeter.

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