Feb. 23 2016 11:47 AM

County investigating outbreak of undetermined stomach illness

TUESDAY. Feb. 23 — The Ingham County Health Department has opened an investigation at MSU’s Kellogg Center after reports of at least 30 cases of vomiting and diarrhea.

“It’s an outbreak investigation,” said Linda Vail, the county’s health officer. “It’s yet to be determined what is causing it.”

Vail said the county has been receiving calls related to people who attended an event at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University Thursday. Those people were experiencing the same symptoms. Since then, the county has received reports from others who attended other events at the hotel.

“It’s still associated with Kellogg Center,” Vail said. “It’s not necessarily foodborne or tied to one event.”

She said the investigation will work to determine the causative agent and also attempt to track down the source.

“We are asking people who were at Kellogg Center between Feb. 16 and 21 and who are experiencing vomiting and diarrhea to call the health department at (517) 887-4310,” Vail said.

Vail said MSU officials in consultation with the health department decided to shut down the kitchens that provide catered food for events at the center. Those kitchens also prepare the food served to hotel guests and served in the State Room dining facility.

“The decision to close the kitchen and clean was made by MSU in consultation with us and out of an abundance of caution,” Vail said.