Feb. 29 2016 02:12 PM

Resolution to name an interim Lansing city attorney pulled from agenda

MONDAY, Feb. 29 — The Janene McIntyre situation took a new turn today.

The city attorney who took an indefinite leave of absence earlier this month was back in her office today, City Council President Judi Browne Clark told City Pulse. Clarke said she was there working.


And a resolution to name Assistant City Attorney Joseph Abood to serve as interim city attorney was pulled from tonight’s City Council agenda.

The Mayor’s Office declined to comment on either development.

“People saw her sitting in her office,” Brown Clarke said. “She was here. Her car was here. I don’t know in what capacity she was here, but she was in her office and conducting business. She certainly wasn’t clearing her office out.”

The Mayor’s Office announced the leave on Feb. 19. No reason was given. However, McIntyre is believed not to have worked this year until today and to have been negotiating a severance package before she took her leave. Besides being city attorney, she had served as human resources manager on an interim basis, but was replaced earlier this year.

Council office manager Sherri Boak confirmed she had received a call from the Mayor’s Office seeking to have the item removed from the agenda.

Brown Clarke said the item was not likely to have gotten a vote tonight as it was.

“There was no reason to appoint an interim,” she said.

Calls to the mayor’s team were not immediately returned this afternoon seeking comment on this matter.