March 9 2016 01:32 PM

Ingham County goes for Sanders 55 to 45 percent

WEDNESDAY. March 9 — U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ narrow statewide victory in yesterday’s Democratic Presidential Primary was boosted by a big victory in Ingham County.

Sanders received 22,909 votes to Clinton’s 18,287, according to Ingham County Barb Byrum, who said the results were still unofficial, for a 55-45 percent victory. Sanders won by 132 to 121 votes in the 4th Congressional District and 22,503 to 17,824 in the 8th District. He lost 342 to 274 in the 7th.


The only precincts Clinton won were in Lansing and East Lansing and Meridian and Delhi townships..Sanders took every other precinct in the county, including in the cities of Williamston, Mason, Leslie and Onandaga. He also took home Alaeidon, Aurelius, Bunkerhill, Ingham, Williamstown, Lansing, Leroy, Leslie, Locke, Stockbridge, Vevay, Wheatfield and White Oak towships.

In those precincts where Clinton did score a victory, absentee ballots — generally meaning older voters — pushed her over the threshold.

Out of Lansing’s 44 precincts, Clinton took home 11. Those were Ward One Precinct Three, Ward Two Precincts 13, 14 and 18,and Ward Four precincts 36 and 37. She perfor

med her best in the Third Ward precincts. There she won precincts 26, 27, 29, 30 and 31. In each of those precincts she bested Sanders in AV ballots as much as three to one.

In East Lansing, Clinton took six of the city’s 16 precincts.

Election officials said yesterday’s turn out was significantly higher than anticipated in some Lansing precincts, resulting in City Clerk Chris Swope having to print more ballots for those locations to accommodate the number of voters.

Exit polls from CNN show Clinton won voters over age 45, while Sanders took the majority of voters under that age. Clinton also scored well with voters who identified as African American. She took 68 percent of those voters, while Sanders — who has lost the battles for the nomination in the southern states where African American voters are key — only captured 28 percent. He did capture 56 percent of the white identified voters in Michigan.