For this week’s edition of the Dish, we’re heading to north Lansing. Old Town? Nope, a little farther. Just keep heading north on Larch Street until it turns into Old U.S. 27. Go a few blocks past Lake Lansing Road, then — and this part is important — you’ll need to resist the allure of onion rings and milkshakes from the iconic Nip N Sip Drive-In.

Instead, hang a right and pull into Super Mercado La Estrella. Head to the meat counter at the back of the store, and you’ll find the makers of some of Lansing’s finest tacos. This taco counter is a well-kept secret among lovers of authentic Mexican tacos. There are, no doubt, people wishing me severe bodily harm for writing about it in a newspaper. But my moral compass will not allow me to deprive Greater Lansing of the opportunity to acquire tasty tacos.

I recommend the carnitas tacos ($2), featuring a healthy portion of marinated pork topped with onion and cilantro. The tacos are served with hot sauce and a lime slice for that fantastic citrus kick. Other meat options include barbacoa (marinated beef) and chicken. For more adventurous eaters, the counter offers lengua (cow tongue) and tripa (animal intestines). I’ve heard the lengua is delicious. I’m not there yet.

Pick up a couple tacos, grab a Jarritos soda on your way out — I’m a big fan of the pineapple flavor — and pull up some banda music on Spotify. I guarantee it will improve your day.

—Ty Forquer

Super Mercado La Estrella

8 a.m.-9 p.m. daily 2604 N. East St., Lansing (517) 267-1201

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