Property: Hollister Building 106 W. Allegan St Lansing

This corner building, which is often identified as the first in Lansing constructed specifically for use as offices, was designed by Saginaw-based architect Frederick W. Hollister. Hollister served in the Michigan House of Representatives in the decade following the construction of this building. At the time of his death in 1923, he had designed numerous schools and several court houses, including the Saginaw County Courthouse.

The exterior of this Romanesque Revival structure consists of two types of red brick, a rough sample on the area immediately above the storefront and just below the pressed metal cornice, with a markedly smoother version on the floors between. Rounded window openings are treated with traditionally detailed brick arches. At the projecting central bay along Allegan Street, the decorative details are particularly notable, including column clusters and paired arches, highlighted in white.

The main block of the building was constructed in 1896, with an addition (shown to the left in the above photo) in 1901. Additionally, although the building now has six stories, historic photos show the five levels constructed above a partially sunken basement. The same photos show a rougher stone base at the street, typical of the similar Richardsonian Romanesque style.

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