April 21 2016 06:11 PM

Johnson brings Earth, Wind & Fire to Lansing bash

THURSDAY, April 21 -- A crowd of nearly 1,300 at the annual Lansing Promise dinner tonight were treated to a surprise performance by the legendary rock band Earth, Wind and Fire.

NBA and MSU basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson, the headliner at the fundraiser for the local scholarship program at the Lansing Center, brought the band with him from California.

Before introducing the band, Johnson praised MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo. He urged the audience to appreciate Izzo because he has had multiple opportunities elsewhere, including four with NBA teams, but has stayed in East Lansing.

Earlier, Lansing Promise leader Kellie Dean called on the audience to support the Lansing school bond initiative, which will be on the ballot on May 3.

Dean said the scholarship program has awarded over $1 million to more than 400 recipients since starting in 2012 so they can attend LCC and MSU. At least a dozen will graduate this year, he said.