June 1 2016 11:40 AM

Sheri Munce uses glass painting to process emotions

"D," by artist Sheri Munce, was created with paint on an antique window.
Courtesy Photo

City Pulse and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing have teamed up for the Summer of Art, which puts original art by area artists on the cover of City Pulse each week through Aug. 31. This week’s cover features “Turner,” by Sheri Munce.

Everyone processes their emotions differently. Some bottle up their feelings, while others wear them on their sleeves. For 47-yearold artist Sheri Munce, there is no better way to process her emotions than by making art.

“Painting can be a way of processing life and letting go,” Munce said. “I work out a lot of emotions through painting. I think it’s really important to process emotions while you’re living and not run from them.”

Munce specializes in painting on glass. She cleans and refurbishes antique windows, then adds layers of acrylic paint to the back side of the windows. From there, she removes or adds layers of paint, eventually creating an image that she tweaks until it’s just right.

“Mostly I’m just listening to music and moving paint around, almost not thinking,” she said. “It’s a great stress reliever.”


Many of Munce’s works draw inspiration from events in her life. “Turner,” which is featured on the cover of this week’s City Pulse, came from Munce's learning that a high school friend named Turner had died. She turned to painting to express her sadness.

“Turner was truly a beautiful soul,” she said. “I worked through a lot of complex emotions that day and decided to name the piece ‘Turner’ to honor my friend.”

Munce took an interest in art at a young age. Her mother and grandmother were both artists, and her mother was also an art teacher.

“I grew up around a lot of creative people,” Munce said.

Munce started her career as a professional artist around 2002. She had quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom, and her brother, a full-time potter, invited her to an art show with him. Of the 11 pieces she brought with her, she sold 10.

“I loved the fact that people liked them and they begged me to make more,” Munce said. “I think with any artist, it’s thrilling when people see art and identify with it.”

City Pulse's Summer of Art

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