June 1 2016 11:20 AM

CADL, Meridian Township team up for outdoor reading event

WEDNESDAY, June 1 — Getting a child to read can be rather difficult task, especially when books are competing with television, video games and smart phones for a child’s attention. Capital Area District Libraries, better known as CADL, wants to make reading as easy and enjoyable as a walk in the park.

This summer, CADL and Meridian Township Parks and Recreation are teaming up to bring a StoryWalk to Haslett’s Orlando Park. The installation includes a series of permanent stations that hold a rotating series of books. Organizers post a children's book, a page or two at a time, at different locations in a park, along a hiking trail or through other outdoor sites. Children read along as they move from sign to sign. The goal of the activity is to get families to enjoy reading and the outdoors while getting a little exercise. The StoryWalk will be unveiled tomorrow, and the first story featured will be "Moose on the Loose," by Kathy-jo Wargin.

"Kids are invited to hop like a frog, clap along while reciting ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb,’ and fly like a bee as they buzz to the next stop," said Ann Chapman, CADL Haslett head librarian. "StoryWalk provides an opportunity for CADL to improve quality of life in a non-traditional way and for family members to get outdoors and engage with each other in a healthy and educational experience."

LuAnn Maisner, director of parks and recreation for Meridian Township, believes that StoryWalk will draw in families looking for health and entertainment outlets.

“We feel this collaboration will make our park more fun, as well as educational,” she said. “We are delighted to host families who are looking for a more interactive and movement filled way to read with their children.”

At tomorrow’s unveiling. Maisner will also discuss the new park equipment and the support the Haslett community has given and Chapman will discuss the StoryWalk project and the CADL public service grant that made the project a reality. Families are encouraged to come and gain a new perspective on the joys of reading.

StoryWalk unveiling

1 p.m. Thursday, June 2


Orlando Park

1275 Orlando Drive, Haslett

(517) 367-6300, cadl.org