Property: 131 and 137 Leslie St.

This building and its mirror image seen at the right edge of the photo form bookends that will eventually frame an entrance to this long-term development on the east side of Lansing. Designer-builder Dave Muylle’s hands-on approach allows him to make minor but important changes during construction. The foundations of two new homes seen in the middle background were adjusted a few feet — following a variance — to preserve site lines for the subject buildings.

While the houses are finished with basic cement-fiber siding, Muylle has cleverly provided variety by applying the boards in one configuration on the main level and another on the upper floor. The upper level features regular coursing widths with contrasting corner trim color. Below, the siding is more detailed, applying different exposures and textures on alternate boards.

The front facing garage disdained by urban planners is significantly altered and improved upon. Rather than serving as a place used exclusively for automobile storage, the structure is opened to the street and serves both as a carport and gathering space. A change in driveway paving material nearer the street helps to define a thick border between the public and private, allowing the residents to choose their level of engagement with the street.

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