Property: Capitol City Boulevard Lansing

This sign faces the southbound lane of Capitol City Boulevard, seen as one departs the Capital Region International Airport. For reasons of practicality and safety, most airports are located in wide open areas or city precincts reserved for industrial areas. The Lansing airport is no different, with light industrial, manufacturing and commercial uses lining the median-divided road to the main entrance.

Even allowing for the industrial nature of the area, this sign is particularly unrefined. The simple message of welcome is confused by the inverted mirror image of its letters immediately below, which are then oddly repeated (except for several missing letters) below that. Replacing or — even better — completing the removal of the remaining lowest letters would be an improvement. In the short term, the current crop of weeds might be allowed to grow tall enough to hide the neglected sign.

Similar ironically inhospitable greetings take numerous other forms, both public and private, at large and small scales. When buildings are left in a state of disrepair along major traffic approaches, or urban tree grates are left unfilled or dead flowers are untended at public buildings, their incremental effects, however small individually, can have a large negative impact.

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