Property: 812 Applegate Lane, East Lansing
Roy Saper and Nell Kuhnmuench

This house sits on a broad residential lot behind a circular drive that leads to a deep cathedral-ceilinged portico. Custom designed louvered copper lanterns flank the entry steps. A cascade of telescoping cedar shingled roofs tops the simple brick exterior, which extends into frequent brick planters, softening the edge between house and yard.

Architect Alfred Browning Parker designed the home in 1967 for Wilma and Harold Good, an Oldsmobile executive.The great majority of Parker’s work was executed in Florida, where he aimed to connect his buildings to their sites and to embrace the regional climate. Despite the rising popularity of air conditioning in the 1950’s, Parker refused to rely solely on the convenience, and continued his use of natural controls of heat and lighting.

Parker carried these principles to this East Lansing home, employing regionally appropriate details, including exceptionally deep eaves and a steep roof. To connect the inside and out, a vaulted ceiling that forms a spine of the house extends uninterrupted to the exterior eaves, clearly visible through upper windows. At the rear of the house, the eave forms the terrace roof.

The current owners purchased the home in 1990 and have appointed it with significant contemporary art and furniture.

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