July 27 2016 01:20 PM

Provided by the League of Women Voters

Milton L. Scales

Party: Dem Biographical Info: Campaign Web Site: MiltonScales.com Education: Political Leadership MSU; MSA Public Admin CMU; BS Community Development CMU; Associate Bus. LCC

Q: 1. Please provide biographical information and experience, and explain why you are running for the office. A: Served 30 years as a Conservation Officer within the departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality, rising from officer in DNR to Chief of DEQ. Selected DNR-DEQ Retired Volunteer of the year 2013. Career began as a Detroit Police Officer in 1977. In retirement I taught Political Science at Saginaw Valley State University, was elected Township Trustee after previous appointments to the County Road Commission and Township Planning Commission. Serve on the national council of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids; elected by peers to 6 terms on the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police board; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. served as school mentoring chairperson; chaired MSU Political Leadership Program Alumni; served on Volunteers of America board; served and chaired various Homeland Security Boards. Seeking Township Supervisor position as another way to give back. I want to put my unique skill set to work for our community. Service is the rent we pay for time spent on Earth.

Q: 2. What are the priority issues facing the office and what actions would you take to address them if elected? A: 1) Pension Debt. We have an unfunded pension fund liability in excess of $25,000,000. We need planned belt tightening, growth, and contract modifications to turn this around. I would engage our managers and employees through their representatives to set goals and priorities pinpointing annual targets of deficit reduction. Next, work with the manager through the board to achieve those goals. 2) Bring our local roads up to desirable levels of improvement. Expand our annual road budget from the current $650,000 through effective lobbying for an increased share of the new funding (75% higher than 2015) gradually appropriated to the county from fiscal year 2017-21. 3) Seek additional senior housing, ensuring the elderly are able to age-inplace. As we age many people want to remain in this community close to friends, neighbors and churches. We need to encourage and facilitate more senior accommodations. I will find the appropriate areas and encourage investors to make this a reality.

Ronald J. Styka

Party: Dem Biographical Info: Campaign Web Site: ronstyka.com Education: University of Detroit, BA (pol sci), '68 University of Michigan Law School, JD, '71

Q: 1. Please provide biographical information and experience, and explain why you are running for the office. A: I moved to Meridian in 1978. Active in the community, I was an elected Trustee on the Okemos School Board for 22 years. As an Assistant Attorney General for 40 years, I provided legal counsel to numerous State agencies, and was the chief of the Community Health Division for 12 years. I was elected a Trustee for Meridian Township in 2012. I am running for Meridian Supervisor, because I believe that to remain a community of choice and a good place to live and work, Meridian Township needs a leader dedicated to protecting all the positive aspects of our community, while working to improve and enhance them. It needs someone dedicated to making sense of government. During my time in office, I have worked to make Meridian a community that is both vibrant and pastoral, and that serves the needs of families, children, active adults, and senior citizens. At Township Board meetings, I brought calm insight to the issues, and guided the Board to decisions that benefit all of our citizens.

Q: 2. What are the priority issues facing the office and what actions would you take to address them if elected? A: First, I will work to maintain the good qualities of the township through efficient use of township resources. This requires good management practices, including periodically reviewing both the services provided and the manner in which they are provided. It also requires that complaints and concerns be dealt with quickly. Second, I propose that the township carefully examine its budget and find funds within the current budget to improve township streets. My experience in having to repeatedly help balance a school district budget in the face of declining revenues makes me particularly suited to this task. Third, I will seek out appropriate development for the three core areas of the township that are in particular need of improvement—the Haslett Village Square area, downtown Okemos, and the Carriage Hills area. The township must be more proactive in finding businesses to locate in these areas. Fourth, while practicing smart growth, the township must remain a green environmental place.