We designed the Drink, the beverage-based companion to the Dish, to highlight cocktails and mixed drinks. But then I wandered into an Old Town coffee shop and met this sweet thing.

I’m generally a no-frills guy when it comes to coffee. Give me a quality pour-over — or a nice cold brew when the temps rise above 80 — and I’m a happy camper. No cream or sugar, thanks.

But when I wandered into Bloom Coffee Roasters a few weeks ago, it was blazing hot, and the shop was fresh out of cold brew. Then the barista spoke four words that caught my full attention: housemade caramel maple syrup. The shop has a variety of housemade syrups, including a tasty lavender syrup and, um, probably vanilla or something? I don’t know. My limited attention span was firmly fixated on caramel maple. I ordered up an iced latte with the special syrup and ventured back out into the summer heat.

Unlike the glorified milkshakes that pass for espresso drinks in this city’s big name coffee joints, this drink is perfectly balanced with a subtle sweetness. The maple and caramel play off the espresso flavor without masking it. This superb sipper is a fantastic summer companion, whether you’re taking in an Old Town festival or just browsing the funky shops.

Bloom Coffee Roasters

7 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday- Sunday; closed Monday 1236 Turner St., Lansing (517) 489-4046, bloomroasters.com

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