Aug. 16 2016 09:54 AM

New MICA exhibit explores turning 60

TUESDAY, August 16 — Birthdays, especially when one turns a multiple of 10, are often times of reflection. “60,” a solo art exhibit by German artist Marek Radke, is built on that reflection.

“The concept came to me when I turned 60,” Radke said. “It was an interesting point in my life, a type of transition, a time where I am neither old or young.”

The exhibit, which runs through Aug. 28 at Old Town’s MICA Gallery, features a variety of pieces that utilize black light to create contrast. This creates a visual dichotomy, as natural light makes the artwork appear different.

“When we are young, we see things a certain way,” Radke said. “As more years go by, we see the same but through a different perspective.”

The exhibit, which opened last month, is curated by MICA program director Katrina Daniels, who met Radke a year and a half ago.

“This is exciting for us, as it’s the first time we’ve had an international show,” Daniels said, “It took some time to pull this all together, but it came together well.”

The opening of “60” was a larger part of last month’s Arts Night Out. The traveling pop-up art event was conceived as a way to pull in a younger audience. Gallery owners like Daniels noticed that Lansing’s Sunday gallery walks were declining in attendance and skewing older.

“We wanted to engage larger demographics,” Daniels said. “We moved Arts Night Out to Friday in hopes that young professionals would attend. Over time, we saw a demographic change.”

“60” is a site-specific installation designed for the MICA gallery. Radke is excited for the chance to share his work with Lansing art lovers.

“I don’t think about the money or being a great artist,” Radke said. “I’m not working for praise.”