Aug. 19 2016 01:00 PM

Supporters descend on The Summit in Eaton County

Members of the Libertarian Party, which is fielding former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson for the presidency, set up just inside the entrance to The Summit Friday morning.
Todd Heywood/City Pulse

FRIDAY, Aug. 19 — City Pulse, like all the local media, is on location at The Summit in Dimondale for Donald Trump's 5 p.m. rally. Trump, the Republican nominee for President, is visiting the area to rally support for his bid to become the next president. This report will be updated occasionally throughout the afternoon with photos, quotes and observations.

5:50 p.m.: Trump spoke for 42 minutes, including a plea to African American voters to vote for him.

4:30 p.m.: Trump staff giving directions to deal with protesters. Ask attendees not to touch them or harm them in any way. Telling attendees this is a peaceful rally.

1:50 p.m.: The venue has started letting people in. The venue capacity is 6,000 people. Over 13,000 tickets were approved, but ticket holders were informed that tickets will only be honored until capacity is reached.

1:30 p.m.: Bright yellow bumper sticker says: “ISIS Hunting Permit 2016. Also valid for: Al Queda, Taliban, Boko Harum. No bag limit. No tag required.”

Trump supporters lined up early to gain access to the Summit for the speech.
Todd Heywood/City Pulse
Patti Christmas, of Eaton Rapids, hugs Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich before the Trump rally in Eaton County. Reich is a Democrat.
Todd Heywood/City Pulse
1:12 p.m. : Over 300 people waiting in line to get in applaud members of the Lansing Police Department as they enter The summit to be part of the security team.

1 p.m.: Trump supporters began lining up outside The Summit at early as 9 a.m. this morning, despite not being allowed access to the venue until after 2 p.m. Trump is expected to take the stage around 5 p.m. He is currently surveying flood damage in Louisianna.

As television cameras were pointed on them, the people in line erupted with chants of "Blue Lives Matter," and "Lock her up." The her being referenced is Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.

Patti Christmas of Eaton Rapids is one of Trump's loyal supporters. She told reporters earlier, after hugging some law enforcement officials, that "You will not see Hillary Supporters shaking hands with law enforcement."

She embraced Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich shortly after, while Tim Kebler, from Charlotte, looked on.

Where ever the political campaigns go, so too you'll find the swag rows -- a dozen vendors have set up to hawk various Trump related campaign swag.
Todd Heywood/City Pulse

"We want to show our support, and we want to hear what he has to say," Christmas said. "He knows how to work the politic end. We need to get America out of the red again."

Christmas, who proudly declared she was "not politically correct," said Trump's apology yesterday was not necessary.

These two young men from Grand Ledge enjoy some America (Budweiser's summer branding) while sporting "Hillary for Prison" t-shirts. Both men said they were concerned about Clinton eroding the Second Amendment. The third man, on the bike, was from Charlotte.
Todd Heywood/City Pulse