When I was growing up, my family went on a lot of road trips. We’d go to Harrison to see Grandma and swim in Arnold Lake. Or to Kalamazoo to see my other grandparents — and stop at Sweetwater’s Donut Mill as a reward if we were quiet during mass. While I had little understanding of the highway system, I always knew that we were getting close to home when I spotted the first Quality Dairy.

The Lansing-based chain of stores not only has a strong nostalgic pull for me, it’s also dead convenient on mornings when we are out of milk or my half and half has turned. And whenever I set foot inside a QD, I treat myself to a chocolate-covered sour cream doughnut. It’s a cakey doughnut, as opposed to a billowy yeasted doughnut, which means that you can easily break off a piece and dunk it into a hot cup of coffee. There are no sprinkles, no strips of bacon, no other bells and whistles, which is exactly how I like my doughnuts. Simple, straightforward flavors — nothing overwhelming that early in the morning —and delicious enough to melt in your mouth and make you happy to be home again.

Quality Dairy

30 Greater Lansing locations qualitydairy.com

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