Property: 1023 S. Pennsylvania Ave.


The passing of Labor Day hints of the approaching chilly football Saturdays and the heat of Election Day. Since most press is directed toward the national elections, we might be inclined to overlook local affairs, where the need for change is obvious. Letters to the editor are offered by people who are quick to find fault, although few are willing to bring about change, whether by seeking municipal office or serving on local boards and commissions.

The structures shown here are being sold through the Ingham County Land Bank. Although the interiors of the house and garage remain uncertain, their exterior compositions seem workable, once the exterior doors are replaced and the windows are repaired. The buildings are available at a reasonable price but, according to the Land Bank’s website, interested parties must submit a renovation plan for the work.

It would be a shame if the lack of such a plan is discouraging redevelopment.

In the spirit of communal progress, we will assist interested buyers in establishing the required plan. Depending on the level of interest, this assistance will be extended to all future Eyesores, particularly those owned by the Land Bank. Fees associated with single-family, owner-occupied buildings will be waived. If you need assistance, please contact me at

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