TUESDAY, Nov. 15 — A roundup of news from around the state, provided by our partners at Capital News Service. Follow the links for the full stories.

Homegrown and served without a moan: Schools are jumping on the “eat local” movement with a raft of programs designed to put local food into cafeterias for both health and education.

Fun with flags: Does Michigan need a new one?: Michigan may see a new state flag waving above the Capitol. A state lawmaker is proposing a commission to select a new one from contest entries after students complained about the current design that includes a coat of arms from an early fur trading company and a Latin word leftover from the Toledo war.

Communication key to fighting increase in child suicide: While suicides among adolescent youth are on the rise, fewer mental health beds are set aside for them. Texting and Facebook are some among treatment options.

Local officials wary of new energy plan: An energy reform package encourages the production of wind power, but that’s an option not universally embraced in rural communities. Local officials are concerned about the impact on property values, noise, vibrations and bird deaths as the state lawmakers consider increasing how much renewable energy the state must produce.

Wildlife getting sicker; people the culprit: Wildlife disease is on the rise and people are often the reason. And people have a lot to lose. We talk to wildlife experts at Michigan State University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin about an uptick in illnesses that affect animals as diverse as bats and deer and spread by increasing modes of transportation.

Pulses of light probe under northern Michigan for ancient sites: Archaeologists in northern Michigan are using pulses of light shot from airplanes to double their discoveries, including cache pits used by Native Americans to store food. It’s a new way of documenting pre-European settlements and their impact on the landscape.