The Internet calls them life hacks. Little tricks to make your life easier, better, or more productive. Things like using a hanging shoe rack to organize your cleaning supplies or making frozen grapes to chill your wine without watering it down.

While browsing some old issues of City Pulse, I stumbled onto a delicious life hack. In the search for Lansing’s best olive burger, my predecessor, Allan I. Ross, found himself at Harry’s Place. The menu at Harry’s doesn’t have a proper olive burger, but you can add olive sauce to any burger — and that’s where things get interesting.

Harry’s has a 1/2 lb. Greek burger, which features two beef patties stuffed with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, green olives and “a variety of spices.” All that is topped with fresh lettuce and tomato. Then, for the real olive overdose, you can top that monster with Harry’s Place’s olive sauce.

The olive sauce at Harry’s isn’t super mayonnaise-y like the sauces at other joints. It’s lighter and has a hint of cucumber, like a Greek tzatziki sauce. The zip of the olive sauce and fresh tomato balances out the rich beef and feta, and the olive bite pulls it all together.

This burger is a beast, so come hungry or bring a friend. And it’s messy. But it’s worth the mess. So ask for some extra napkins and dig in.

Harry’s Place 10 a.m.-midnight Monday-Saturday; closed Sunday 404 N. Verlinden Ave., Lansing (517) 484-9661

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