Dec. 28 2016 12:42 AM

‘Not looking for a job,’ says state rep. — except maybe Virg’s

(This story has been updated to include a comment on why Schor might run for mayor of Lansing.)

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 28 — Is Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero trying to find state Rep. Andy Schor another job?

Schor, D-Lansing — who is strongly considering running against Bernero next year — said today multiple people he identified as associated with Bernero have encouraged him to raise his hand for a “what if” position.

The job is Ingham County treasurer, and the hypothetical is that Eric Schertzing gives up the job to become the executive director of Capital Area Community Services, which runs Head Start and other programs.

Schertzing, who was just reelected treasurer last month, said today he is interested in replacing the current head, Ivan Love Jr., when Love retires, which he said is expected next year. Schertzing has served on CACS’ board for 15 years.

Schor wouldn’t identify who has called him. But asked if they were people considered associates and supporters of Bernero, he said they were. One of them said he was “asked to call,” although the caller did not say by whom.

Schor said he wasn’t looking for a job, except maybe mayor. “If I run for mayor, it’s because I want to be mayor, not because I need a job,” he said. Schor added that he'd only want to be mayor if he concludes "it's best for the city."

Schor said he will make an announcement about mayor in February. Because of term limits, he will have to leave the House at the end of 2018.

A text message seeking comment from Bernero was not immediately returned.

As for Schertzing, “I absolutely love being Ingham County treasurer, but “it’s healthy to look at other options.”

“When you look at CACS, they do anti-poverty and literacy work — the opportunity to create change in appealing,” he added.


If Schertzing steps down, a committee would choose his replacement. The committee, as required by state law, would be made up of the Ingham County clerk, prosecutor and chief probate judge.

Schertzing, who has been treasurer since 2001, earns $98,812 a year, which goes up to $99,800 on Jan. 1.

He said he believes Love is paid $100,000 to $110,000. Efforts to reach Love were unsuccessful.