Property: 1100 North Washington Ave. (Elderly Instruments), Lansing

While not as obviously eye-catching as its Old Town neighbors (or the delightful mural on its northern wing), this building exhibits a simple elegance and authentic details. The main front facade is divided into the classical tripartite organization, and the center bay is articulated with a slightly raised pediment. Pilasters divide the elevations, with stepped corner details that are echoed in the wing connecting the main building to the north annex.

Quoins line the window jambs and are topped with authentic jack arches, currently hidden under brightly striped awnings. A formal Doric aedicule frames the main entrance at the top of a discreetly constructed barrier free ramp.

Originally, the building served as the local home to the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, evidenced by the contrasting bricks spelling out the organization’s initials above the corbelled entablature. The building switched to its current retail use in 1984 and has served as the local center of local music culture ever since.

Naturally, the building carries a broad collection of stringed instrument on the sales floor, plus an extensive repair shop and smaller classrooms. Visitors should step inside for the chance to enjoy some ‘Ear Candy’ provided by other eager patrons.

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