Feb. 27 2017 09:45 AM

Bernero says he is not running for a fourth term

MONDAY, Feb. 27 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced on his Facebook page today that he will not seek a fourth term.

His decision follows state Rep. Andy Schor’s formal announcement just six days that he will run.

Bernero’s announcement, posted around 12:35 p.m., said in full:

"Citizens of Lansing,

“Serving as your mayor these past twelve years has been the greatest privilege of my life. Through good times and tough times, it has been an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Together, we have worked tirelessly to make Lansing a better place. And we have succeeded in countless ways. Nonetheless, after much thought and extensive conversation with my family, I have decided I will not seek a fourth term as mayor of Lansing.

“While I truly love serving the citizens of Lansing as mayor, I must put my family first now. I have served in public office for 25 years. Throughout this time, my family has been at my side. My wife, Teri, and our daughters have helped me and always stood with me. With my 91-year-old father, Giulio, living with us, I simply cannot do justice to the city and my family, while running a 7-month campaign, though I still have a lot of competitive spirit in me.

“I will spend the next 10 months continuing to build our city up, rather than tear an opponent down. I will put the finishing touches on some key developments and begin some transformational projects before the end of my tenure. And then I will turn the page at the end of this year and begin a new chapter for myself and my family. I am proud to say that the next mayor will inherit a city in far better shape than I did in 2006.

“Since 2006 my team has leveraged more than $2.3 billion in new economic development that has retained and created more than 12,000 jobs. After a 12-year project, Lansing is now the second city in the entire country to remove all of the lead water pipes in the city.

“We fought to save General Motors and helped our hometown car company invest another billion dollars in their Lansing facilities. We strengthened regional partnerships with neighboring townships to drive new economic opportunities through 425 tax-sharing agreements. We collaborated with Ingham County to secure regional funding for Potter Park Zoo and the Lansing River Trail.

New development projects are taking off in every corner of the city that will create even more jobs, attract new city residents and strengthen our tax base. Unemployment in the city has now fallen to its lowest level in 15 years. Lansing has the wind at our backs.

“To everyone who has been part of this city’s remarkable success over the past decade, I offer my heartfelt thanks. I have been truly blessed with phenomenal partners in the public and private sectors in metro Lansing. The successes belong to you. The mistakes and shortcomings are mine. To my friends and supporters, I ask that you show every courtesy to whoever succeeds me in this vital office. Lansing’s success is up to all of us.”