When I visit a restaurant, I’m always looking for interesting you-can-only-get-it-here items. On my most recent trip to Olympic Broil, I strayed from my usual order — olive burger and onion rings — to try just such an item: the Olympic Burger. (I still got the onion rings.)

The Olympic Burger takes a quarter-pound beef patty and tops it with mayo, lettuce, cheese and Coney sauce. The whole thing is served on a classic sesame seed bun. It’s like the best adult sloppy Joe you can imagine. This is not health food, but if you’ve been to Olympic Broil, you already know this. Almost half of the menu options visit the deep fryer before they hit your tray.

And speaking of the fryer, I love Olympic Broil’s onion rings. The onion rings are all different sizes, unlike the unnerving sameness of restaurant chain onion rings that are somehow all the exact same size. It’s not exactly fresh vegetables, but it feels like the real deal, at least.

Olympic Broil probably shouldn’t be an everyday stop, but it’s OK to give in to grease and mayo once in a while. It’s worth spending another hour on the treadmill for.

Olympic Broil 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday, closed Sunday 1320 N. Grand Ave., Lansing (517) 485-8584, olympicbroil.com

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