June 6 2017 02:35 PM

City Pulse and Fox 47 present the 2017 Top of the Town winners

Best Local Music/Arts

Best Cover Band: Starfarm

Sporting track-suits, Aqua Net and leg-warmers, Starfarm’s 1980s-centric setlist takes you back to a time when Alf was still funny and we all fought for our right to party.

2. Tell Yo Mama

3. Frog & the Beeftones

Best Classical Musician: Ed Fedewa

The leader of the Lansing Symphony’s bass section and the anchor of many local jazz and rock rhythm sections, low-end guru Ed Fedewa takes home the Best Classical Musician honor for the second year in a row.

2. Rodney Page

3. Ralph Votapek

Best Club DJ: Ruckus

When he’s not slinging ramen at the Avenue Cafe, Ruckus can be found spinning records at local dance clubs.

2. Capitol City DJs

3. Scratch Pilots

Best Event/Wedding DJ: Jammin' DJ's

Nothing kills a party like a bad DJ. Since 1991, Jammin’ DJ’s have been serving up the beat for all kinds of events in the Lansing area.

2. Capitol City DJs

3. Tunes by T

Best Folk Band/Artist: Taylor Taylor

Our voters praised Taylor Taylor’s voice, her songwriting and her “heart of gold”. The 20-something singer/songwriter has become a regular at local festivals, farmers markets and patios.

2. Frog & the Beeftones

3. Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle

Best Hip-Hop Group/Artist: Scratch Pilots

Using original vinyl and modern club equipment, Scratch Pilots create their own sound using old school songs that Lansing area residents can’t get enough of. One voter declared, “Scratch Pilots spin that perfect golden age era of hip-hop.”

2. Ribcage

3. James Gardin

Best Jazz Group/Artist: Root Doctor

Spanning blues, R&B, Motown, funk, soul and jazz, Root Doctor has been enticing Lansing audiences to dance since the late ‘80s.

2. MSU Professors of Jazz

3. The Further Adventures of Fat Boy and the Jive Turkeys

Best Radio Station: 97.5 WJIM

Lansing’s No. 1 hit music station plays today’s top pop songs while also keeping it's listeners up to date on local news and traffic jams.

2. 88.9 WDBM

3. 100.7 WITL

Best Rock Band/Artist: Tell Yo Mama

Led by the singing cashier himself, Tell Yo Mama rocketed to local fame after a video of Lucas Holliday went viral and the singer appeared on “Good Morning America” and was invited to join R&B singer Maxwell on stage at the Palace.

2. Taylor Taylor

3. Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

Best Theatre Group: Riverwalk Theatre

Tucked into a riverside home in downtown Lansing, Riverwalk Theatre is a “great venue with fantastic actors,” according to our voters. The company, which is wrapping up its 29th season, offers everything from intimate black box shows to Broadway musicals.

2. MSU Department of Theatre

3. Williamston Theatre

Best Visual Artist: Kimberly Lavon

Local printmaker Kimberly Lavon has been busy the last few years, opening her own studio and appearing at art events all over Greater Lansing. And that hard work earned the attention of Top of the Town voters, who awarded her the top spot in our inaugural Best Visual Artist category.

2. Jennifer Medler

3. Ben Graham

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