June 6 2017 02:35 PM

City Pulse and Fox 47 present the 2017 Top of the Town winners

Best Shopping

Best Antique Shop: Mega Mall

After 22 years in business, Lansing’s Mega Mall is still “Michigan’s most unique shopping experience.” With over 220 vendors, it’s easy for antique lovers to spend hours exploring the former supermarket.

2. Williamston Antiques

3. Little Red School House

Best Art Gallery: Lansing Art Gallery

With a focus on local artists and an array of community events, Lansing Art Gallery is a popular destination for local art lovers.

2. Broad Art Museum

3. Katalyst

Best Beer Selection (Retail): Horrocks

Horrock’s moved its candy shop and coffee bar to expand its already impressive beer and wine offerings. But why wait until you get home? Our voters love that you can grab a pint to drink while you shop.

2. Oade's Big Ten - East Lansing

3. Tom's Party Store

Best Bookstore: Schuler Books - Eastwood

Our voters head to Schuler Books for the latest release, the huge used book selection, a great selection of vinyl and a ton of book-related events.

2. Barnes & Noble

3. Curious Books

Best Butcher: Monticello's Market & Butcher Block

Grass-fed USDA high choice freshly ground beef and kabobs are just a few of the meaty options Monticello’s has to offer. Our voters say the butchers “go out of their way” to cure your carnivore cravings.

2. Mert's Meats - Lansing

3. Merindorf Meats - Mason

Best Candy Shop: Fabiano's Candies

For 93 years, the Fabiano family has been the premier name in Michigan-made chocolate. You know that holidays are coming soon when the lines stretch out the door of this east side candy shop.

2. Horrocks

3. Cravings Popcorn - Old Town

Best Clothing Store (local): Playmakers

Our voters look to the running and fitness store for their favorite active and casual clothing brands. One voter describes it as “the only place to get shoes that make your feet happy.”

2. Curvaceous Lingerie

3. Grace Boutique

Best Consignment Shop: Kellie's Consignments

Voters love Kellie’s Consignments for its huge selection of quality clothing that is well organized. And while you’re there, you can pick up some jewelry. Or some furniture. Or home decor. Or some … .

2. Plato's Closet

3. Second Time Around

Best Farmers Market: Allen Farmers Market and Meridian Farmers Market (tie)

It’s a tie! We gave farmers markets their own category this year, and our voters split between Allan Farmers Market and Meridian Farmers Market, which both offer year-round markets.

2. East Lansing Farmer's Market

3. Holt Farmers Market

Best Florist: Horrocks

Our voters loves Horrocks’ floral section, praising its reasonable prices and friendly service.

2. VanAtta's Greenhouse and Flower Shop

3. Smith Floral & Greenhouse

Best Gift Shop: Old Town General Store

It may not look that large from the outside, but the Old Town General Store packs in a huge variety of Michigan-based food, beer, wine and gifts.

2. October Moon

3. Horrocks

Best Grocery Store (local): Horrocks

Our voters praise the “fantastic selection and quality products” at the west side institution.

2. Meijer

3. Fresh Thyme

Best Indoor Grow Shop: H20 Lansing

Bringing affordable name-brand products to the local gardening community in Greater Lansing is H2O’s goal.

2. Superior Growers

3. Indoor Grow Store

Best Jewelry Store: Sweet Custom Jewelry

Sweet Custom Jewelry is best described through one reader’s comment: “beautiful custom designs with exceptional customer service.”

2. Medawar Jewelers

3. Becky Beauchine Kulka

Best Musical Instruments Store: Elderly Instruments

With a huge selection of folk instruments, electric guitars and more, Elderly Instruments has become a must-stop site for visiting musicians.

2. Marshall Music

3. Music Manor

Best Organic/Natural Market: Horrocks

Looking for quality organic produce? Lettuce head over to the west side, because no one else can beet the selection at Horrocks.

2. Fresh Thyme

3. Foods for Living

Best Pawn/Secondhand Shop: Dicker & Deal

With an eclectic selection of used items big enough to impress any collector, gear-hear or casual shopper, Dicker & Deal takes the number one spot for Best Pawn/Secondhand shop.

2. Kellie's Consignments

3. Volunteer's of America

Best Pet Store: Preuss Pets

Preuss Pets isn’t just a pet store, it’s a destination. Visitors can spend hours ogling fancy fish, looking for sneaky lizards or feeding the koi fish.

2. Soldan's

3. Petsmart - Marketplace

Best Record/CD Store: Flat, Black & Circular

Nestled in an upstairs storefront on Grand River Avenue, FBC is our voters’ prefered vinyl vendor. With an expansive selection of vinyl, CDs, DVDs and cassettes, no format is dead or gone at Flat Black and Circular.

2. Record Lounge

3. Disc Traders and Schuler Books & Music - Eastwood (tie)

Best Wine Selection (retail): Horrocks

Whether you’re looking for hard-to-find imports or your mom’s favorite red blend, Horrocks probably has it. And you can stop at the new wine tasting nook to sample a few bottles before you buy.

2. Dusty's Cellar

3. Vine & Brew

Best Eye Candy (Place): Old Town, Lansing

Our voters describe Lansing’s boutique neighborhood as “eclectic” and “peaceful.” The many festivals, restaurants, shops and parks exude “sidewalk charm.”

2. Fitzgerald Park (The Ledges)

3. MSU 4H Gardens

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