“Despite the negative press covfefe” That incomplete sentence, the seeming result of our President falling asleep mid-tweet, was unleashed on the Internet just after midnight on May 31.

Trump’s mystery word set off a firestorm of jokes, ranging from hilarious to trying a little too hard. (I’m looking at you, Hillary Clinton’s social media team.)

But the best thing to come out of covfefe-mania is Strange Matter Coffee Co.’s new seasonal drink, Covfefe. Described as “a coffee white Russian,” this refreshing concoction features espresso, cold brew coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and heavy cream. And you don’t need to be a millionaire with secret business ties to Moscow to afford it; the delightful drink costs just $4 — or 226 Russian rubles, if you have some to unload.

Unlike the meetings with white Russians that Trump’s campaign and administration officials have trouble recalling, Strange Matter’s Covfefe is a truly memorable experience.