Theio’s Restaurant temporarily out of order

For the first time in decades, the 41-year-old, 24-hour breakfast spot Theio’s Restaurant shut down on a day that wasn’t Christmas. Not permanently, however, according to new owner Virginia Pulido, only to correct “aesthetic neglect.”

“There are things I still have to do,” Pulido said. “I want it to look pretty again, refreshing customer service and the quality of food.”

Pulido said she can’t say for certain, but her goal is to get the restaurant up and running again by Aug. 1 after doing a deep clean. Pulido is the second owner to take over the business within the year. The previous owner, Nick Mangopoulos, ran the business for 24 years. He then sold it to Kum Cha Uebel, who operated Theio’s Restaurant for only a few months before Pulido came in as owner on July 1.