Aug. 17 2017 10:18 AM

Democrats rule, aiding secrecy

It is absolutely hilarious that when you run a story detailing attempted secrecy and FOIA end-runs by elected county officials (Aug. 9), people who know better get all fluttery about it. Mark Grebner is completely justified in his arrogance that nobody cares: he knows that every other November, on the Day of the Living Dead, the vast majority of Ingham County voters (except for certain pockets of resistance) trudge to the polls and vote straight Democratic no matter what. Eric Schertzing also knows this, so he’s in no hurry to clean up his staffing problems - again, as long as he’s a Democrat, who cares?

-T.E. Klunzinger Haslett (The writer is a former Meridian Township treasurer and trustee.)