Aug. 18 2017 02:38 PM

Strange Matter Coffee Co. celebrates third year with mug giveaway

Photo by Priscilla Perez

Normally a bustling café, it’s no surprise to see it packed full of customers. However, the line from Strange Matter Coffee Co.’s 2001 E. Michigan Ave. location might wrap around the door Saturday. That’s because the Lansing coffee staple’s third anniversary is on Aug. 19 — kind of.

“Technically, if we want to be specific, the birthday was actually the 16th of this week, but we always do our parties on a Saturday,” Cara Nader said, the owner of the shop. “We open at 8 and we’re giving away 60 free mugs, this is something we’ve done for every one of our birthdays.”

The first 60 paying customers will receive a mug with a tongue-in-cheek design, poking fun at something that is unique to Strange Matter. Nader, 32, said that the first two years of the shop’s existence, the coffee mugs poked fun at the business’s lack of a landline and its reputation for being particular about serving specialty drinks.

“This year is mocking our terrible musical choices that we sometimes play in the café,” Nader said. “We play a lot of ‘90s music and sometimes that goes horribly wrong and we end up listening to Smash Mouth during the day. It’s a reference to us unironically listening to Smash Mouth.”

Coffee shop goers will also get a deal this anniversary.

“We’re also doing $1 cups of our batch brew, which is our auto-drop ready-made coffee that we have, not our pour-overs, and then $2 cold brews,” Nader said.

For visitors who don’t want to wait for mugs, Nader advises heading over the shop’s 337 S. Washington Square location for a “more relaxed” atmosphere.