Spicy Baked Kibee Sandwich Combo - Woody's Oasis

I was feeling the urge for some Mediterranean food and found myself in East Lansing. Woody’s Oasis on Trowbridge Road seemed like a great option.

Upon arrival, I realized exactly how hungry I was. I didn’t think twice about getting a side salad with my sandwich. This made my order more expensive, $10.06, but I was ravenous.

I opted for the Mediterranean blend salad, filled with Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions and a light, zingy dressing. For my sandwich combo, I debated over chicken or steak shawarma, but eventually chose Woody’s spicy baked kibbee sandwich — a cooked combination of bulgur, onions and finely ground meat.

For a drink, I decided against traditional soda blends and filled my cup up with Woody’s house blend of iced tea, a perfectly refreshing choice.

Overall, that kibbee was chewy with a delightfully crunchy addition of pickled turnips and flavorful hummus. And on top of that mountain of food, I got a piece of flatbread. I hoovered up every last bite.