The Redhead’s Black Bean Burger — Midtown Brewing Co.

The Redhead's Black Bean Burger - Midtown Brewing Co.Midtown Brewing Co.’s “Redhead’s Black Bean Burger” embraced the idea that more of a good thing is better — lots more. The place is known for its craft beers, but it crafted a bean burger unlike any I’ve had in town — a highly welcome deviation. It came with two spicy patties, spicy cheese and spicy peppers.

The patties were made from organic Michigan beans, oats, carrots, corn and chickpeas. All this was seasoned with cumin and chili powder and then served them peppery feta cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers.

The tangy combination was mellowed somewhat with sliced tomatoes, a pile of fresh greens and sliced pickles. The extra-thick, soft brioche bun added flavor and did well to limit the hotness. My tongue complained and applauded each taste of the amalgamation. Its $13.95 price seemed justified by costly ingredients, double patties and a size that required two hands. A side was included and I picked coleslaw. It was chunky and delicious — and to my amusement — quite peppery.

With eggs in the bun and cheese in the mix, the Midtown Brewing Co.’s “Redhead’s Black Bean Burger” wasn’t truly vegan, but I didn’t mind. Despite some difficulty managing the rather messy sandwich, it was truly enjoyable.

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