With students back on campus, there’s a huge collection of varied fashions to view. We sent a photographer to see what we could find in the wardrobes of some of MSU’s students. These are some of our favorites.

Name: Greg McClure Age: 19 Major: English “I’ve just been trying to look like a tourist or a dad wherever I go. This fits both aesthetics.

Name: Skyler Kerr Age: 20 Major: Human biology, minor in Spanish “I wore the jeans, but I knew it was going to be hot so I wore the tank.”

Name: Reem Mikhail Age: 26 Major: Economic development “My friend was visiting from Canada, and I wanted to look nice!”

Names: (Left) Brittani Ricks, Taleya Taylor Ages: 18, 18 Majors: Social work, marketing BR: “I got a tattoo, so I wanted stretchy pants.” TT: “I try to dress my best every day.”

Name: Xuanqi Yu Age: 20 Major: Business “Today was a little cold, but I liked the pants, so I put on the sweater, too.”

Name: Kennedi Lurry Age: 19 Major: Professional writing “I wanted to wear something casual, but cute.”

Names: (Left) Zhenyang Xie, En Ming Chang Ages: 19, 18 Majors: Mathematics and business management “It was the clothes we had at the time.”

Name: Brianna Loder Age: 22 Major: Law “I was just inspired by the sun today.”

Name: Abbey Reinke Age: 21 Major: Communication “I was cold this morning, so I put on pants and this flannel — and you gotta wear Converse to support the flannel.”

Name: Abby Harrington Age: 22 Major: Social relations and policy “I wanted to wear something that was going to be warm enough for the day.”