Sept. 26 2017 02:51 AM

A better pairing when made local

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Lansing local donut shop Groovy Donuts is hosting “Pour Over Days" at both Williamston and East Lansing location, to celebrate their business partnership with Bloom Coffee Roasters. During this time, Bloom Coffee Roasters will set up shop inside Groovy Donuts locations and offer over coffee to customers.

Pour over coffee, also known as hand drip coffee, is a method that allows baristas to pay detailed attentions to the brewing process.

"It's considered part of 'third wave' coffee movement," explained by Andrew Gauthier, the owner of Groovy Donuts.

The third wave coffee is a movement that focuses on producing high-quality coffee, that considers the creation of the beverage artisanal — as opposed to second wave coffee that focused on enjoying specialty coffees and first wave, which came with the exponential growth of the bean.

Finding similarities is always the key to a cooperative relationship, and the pursuit of quality food production and the support of local entrepreneurship are what brought the donut and coffee shops together.

"Their intense focus on producing the best coffee possible drove us to begin with them," Gauthier said.

Groovy’s freshly made donuts have been served at Bloom Coffee Roasters as well ever since its grand opening in July 2016. The relationship has been mutual, and now the shop’s coffee has become the exclusive coffee supplied at Groovy Donuts.

The partnership not only benefits both stores but also play a crucial role in the community.

"It adds a lot of characters to the community that has a lot of local places — as opposed to

a bunch of big national chain," Gauthier said. “The money spent on those places stays in the community."

And Gauthier is proud of the contribution that local businesses make to the economy.

"It's not going off to Seattle, bringing up a profit number for Starbucks. It stays in your own town, in Lansing, in bloom coffee," Gauthier said.

As more and more startups are emerging in great Lansing area, Gauthier has been thrilled by the growth, stating that "it's a better place to live when you have more local businesses."

Their roots in Lansing made the quality food more accessible to customers. By serving pair products, they can refer interested customers to the neighboring location.

In addition to their existing supplies to each other's menu, Gauthier with Jared Field, the owner Bloom Coffee Roasters, has discussed creating a customized blend to complement one of Groovy’s top sellers: apple fritters.

Gauthier said that he wouldn’t have done it with "a lager coffee supplier that isn't local."

Beyond that, Gauthier is seeking more opportunities to get involved in the local community. Earlier in September, Groovy also participated the Burgdorf's Winery 12th Annual Fall Celebration as one of the food choices to pair with wines.

As he is getting ready for the next "Pour Over Day,” he values the feedbacks from customers who were at the first one in Williamston.

"We may do more pour over events at our locations if people respond well and want to see it again," Gauthier said.

He defined his business concept as “make-customers-happy”

“We really enjoy connecting groups of other businesses and charitable organizations. That’s the reason why we are in business — to get connected with local and help the community grow. "

Gauthier takes the partnership with Bloom into account as well when looking for events, he hopes that they can be "both representatives."

"What's a better combination than coffee and donuts," Gauthier said.


“Bloom Coffee Roasters Pour Over Days”

Tuesday, Sept. 26

8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Groovy Donuts - East Lansing

3054 E Lake Lansing Road

East Lansing, MI 48823