"Ambition" Cosmopolitan - Tavern 109

Just like the play it celebrated, the Tavern 109’s specialty drink was more than it appeared. Their “Ambition” cosmopolitan — crafted with Williamston Theatre’s “The Taming” in mind — was a cosmo with a surprise.

The Tavern 109 is within sight of the Williamston Theatre. The pub consistently concocts a commemorative, classy cocktail to coincide with the company’s shows. The “Ambition” is served until Oct. 22 when “The Taming” closes. I was happy to audition it.

The $10 drink begins with posh cosmopolitan ingredients: cranberry juice, triple sec, lime juice, Grand Marnier and vodka. The lime juice was freshsqueezed, and the Absolut vodka pour was delightfully generous. What made the “Ambition” unique was the addition of St. Germaine.

The costly, elderflower liqueur added a hint of fragrant blossoms and enhanced the flavor — and kick — of the drink. Thanks to the lime, tartness of the cranberries and a twist of lemon, the combination wasn’t overly sweet.

Admittedly, it might take a robust imagination to find a strong link between the cocktail and “The Taming,” but after one sip, that didn’t bother me one bit.