As part of its tree-trimming program, contractors for the Lansing Board of Water & Light last week clear-cut a strip of wooded area at Groesbeck Golf Course. The area, along Ormond Road at Maryland Avenue, was stripped bare up a hill, exposing the sand underneath. “In this particular case, trimming the trees would have resulted in them ‘looking like bean poles,’ according to the crews involved. In consultation with golf course officials, they agreed to have the trees removed,” said BWL spokeswoman Amy Adamy. The tree-trimming is part of efforts to reduce electricity outages caused when tree limbs fall during storms. The project has been criticized by some for the aggressive nature of the trimming of some trees in neighborhoods. Adamy said the contractors do not remove tree trimmings larger than 4 inches in diameter. Some golf course employees had expressed interest in the wood. Workers returned to the site to organize it after this picture was taken, Adamy said, and city officials will remove unclaimed wood.