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Earlier this month, the rock/funk/jazz fusion band Desmond Jones released its debut self-titled album in front of a capacity crowd at Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids.

The East Lansing natives began their quest as students of Michigan State and formed the band in 2012. They have played over 450 shows before the release of their first album, and have 65 original songs they play in rotation. Desmond Jones features eight of those, written by four different songwriters which allowed for a wide array of musical styles and influences.

In a press release, drummer John Nowak said that the band wanted to make sure the listener knew everything the band was capable of.

We ended up going with a mix of songs that gives the listener a little bit of everything we have to offer, says Nowak. A short and sweet song, some extended jams, a little bit of R&B, a little bit of funk and jazz. We wanted it to span across genres and show the many facets of our original sound and songwriting process.

For a long time, touring the country too precedent over studio time and releasing an album, but now the five-piece plans to release music and new material at a more consistent rate.

The band features five members including Michigan State graduate John Nowak on the drums and vocals, Chris Bota on the guitar and vocals, John Loria on Bass and vocals, Isaac Berowitz on guitar and Bovals, and George Falk on the saxophone and vocals.

Desmond Jones is planning to showcase their new album with live shows in the Midwest and planning a full tour in 2018. They recently signed with Ever Upward Entertainment out of Denver, CO.

The album is available for purchase and streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and was recently featured on Michigan Radio.