Pastor Victor H. Trevino at Bread House South’s 2017 Thanksgiving Basket Handout event in Lansing on Tuesday. This is the second year of the Gobble-Wobble Thanksgiving event. Trevino said they gave out 350 baskets, almost quadruple last year.

Donations have been given by members of the church, community members and businesses. Along with the basket giveaway, Trevino also does a 50-mile walk to gain sponsors and raise money for the church. Every day for five days in October, the pastor walked 10 miles. He said this event is important to the members because a lot of people, including himself, know what it’s like to have struggles.

“That’s where my heart is and most of all of our members have been through suffering, and that’s why they’re all in. They see the ministry giving back to the community, people are more apt the give when they see. That’s why this thing has grown,” Trevino said. “Next year, I already told our church and I’ve told our community, we’re doing a thousand baskets.”