March 29 2018 10:45 AM

Selected works to be featured on walls of BWL’s Central Substation Project

BWL’s Central Substation project plans to add a series of murals that reflects the city’s vibrant community.

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing has teamed up with BWL and other community partners in search of artists to submit their artwork to be displayed on the north and south entrances of the Central Substation.

“I think it was inevitable that the Central Substation project was going to happen,” said Deborah Mikula, the executive director of the Arts Council. “Once it was moving along we wanted to make sure that if there was any sort of creative or artistic project attached to it, that we would make that happen.”

Artist submissions must include a resume, visual portfolio of similar-scale work, preliminary sketches of design for Central Substation project, an artist statement, an estimated budget, and a statement detailing the maintenance and longevity of the piece being submitted.

Artist submissions to the project should be colorful, eye-catching and characteristic of the community. It must not contain propaganda, advertisements or nudity.

All three murals will be fully funded by BWL, with costs including everything from artist fees, supplies, insurance, permits, fabrication, labor, shipping, installation, and more.

Upon bringing this project to the public, BWL committed to dedicating $20,000 every three years to fund the addition of new public art on or around the substation. While they, and others in the committee, collectively decided to fund three murals first, other visual art, such as sculptures, will grace the site in the years to come, explained Mikula.

Members of the selection committee are giving preference to artists from Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties, though they are accepting submissions from artists across the state of Michigan. All are encouraged to apply.

BWL Art Submission

Deadline Friday, April 20, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Submissions must be sent as a PDF package to Deborah Mikula at