The Tavern 109 is just down the street from the Williamston Theatre. The restaurant and pub traditionally serves a specialty cocktail to coincide with the company’s current play. Until April 22 when “Doublewide” ends — the featured $10 drink is “A Little Hope.”

The refreshing drink is worth sampling whether seeing the play or not. It’s a bubbly and flavorful cocktail that deserves an extended run.

A longneck domestic beer is the drink of choice in the “Doublewide” play. “A Little Hope” has ginger beer. That was enough of a connection for me. The ginger beer adds fizz and tang not enough to dominate the mix but plenty to add a unique edge. The strongest taste comes from fresh-tasting grapefruit juice. The strongest kick comes from ample vodka.

A splash of elderflower liqueur is what connects all the dots. The result is a sparkling drink with sweet and sour qualities that somehow compliment each other.

I opted for an on-the-rocks version. Although the robust tastes cut through the ice, I would suggest enjoying it without the cubes. Either way, “A Little Hope” is encore worthy.

Tavern 109 115 E. Grand River Ave. Williamston, MI 48895 (517) 655-2100 Sun.: 10am-9pm Mon.-Wed. : 11am-9pm Thu.-Sat. : 11am-11pm