May 3 2018 09:42 AM

1005 Abbot Road East Lansing

Since this building was built in 1965, it carries the characteristics of its Midcentury Modern predecessors, expressing them in a more mature version of the era’s style that introduces regional influences in the work. The flat roof and minimal overhangs that often define early modernism are replaced with deep eaves and a low-pitched roof. Small-scale ornamentation is not incorporated, but the building’s larger features provide an elegant composition.

The main entrance is marked by a great, open-gabled roof covering the porte cochere, which provides both an urbanscaled marker of the main entrance and cover for both pedestrian and vehicular arrivals. This gateway is supported on exposed glue-laminated beams and narrow-profile brick columns. Ribbons of grouped casement windows reach around corners, or are stopped when the perpendicular exterior walls continue beyond in wing walls extending beyond the building’s main profile.

Located at the edge of a residential neighborhood, the building supports good planning principles by employing a strong residential appearance for its light commercial use, subtly separating the commercial street from the homes beyond.

Located on one of East Lansing’s major streets, it allows easy access for clients of the law firm that occupies it, Brookover and Carr, without drawing excessive traffic through the neighborhood beyond.

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