Larkin Neely Jr. still has not been cleared by psychiatrists to stand trial for allegedly killing a Lansing man a year ago.

Neely, 31, has been charged in the stabbing death of Kevin Wirth on May 21 last year. But 54-A District Judge Louise Alderson ruled on July 21 that Larkin was not competent to stand trial. That essentially means that due to a mental illness he would have been unable to fully understand the criminal justice process or assist in his own defense.

“On 4/19/18, the Certified Forensic Examiner assigned to Mr. Neely wrote to Judge DeLuca that, ‘It is my opinion that Mr. Neely remains incompetent to stand trial. It is also my opinion that he can be restored to competency within the statutory timeline,’” wrote Scott Hughes a spokesman for the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office. He said that means the examiner believes Larkin will be ready to participate in a trial process by Oct. 21.

Wirth was found in his home with 22 stab wounds. He was gay, and the killing was originally thought to have been motivated by anti-gay bias. However, police have not been able to confirm a motive for the crime.